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Accelerate your continuous learning through role-based learning paths

Continuous Learning

Learning paths are set up by product capability and each person’s role in their organization. Follow the learning paths when you first start using CloudBees Platform, and come back to CloudBees University to learn about advanced topics and new features.
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  • Follow role-based learning paths

    Determine each person’s targeted education path based on the person’s role within your organization.

  • Gain hands-on experience

    Learn how to perform tasks for your specific role by logging into our cloud-based lab environments and following our step-by-step lab exercises.

  • Test knowledge at each stage in the learning path

    Take Certification exams at the end of each level to make sure you have learned everything you need to know to move on to the next level for your role-based learning path.

  • Achieve higher implementation quality and performance

    Follow our learned best practices and hands-on lab exercises to achieve higher implementation quality and performance.


Self-paced training courses are delivered online through the CloudBees University site. Each course includes self-paced instruction, hands-on lab exercises, and access to our cloud-based lab environment.


Instructor-led training courses are delivered virtually. Each course includes instruction time, hands-on lab exercises, and access to our cloud-based lab environment.


Earn CloudBees Certifications at the end of each knowledge level. Also earn Badges for specific topics along the way.

Meet Our Instructors

CloudBees instructors collaborate with our engineering and technical field teams.

Carrie Bartels

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Carrie joined CloudBees in October 2021. After earning B.M. (piano performance) and M.L.S degrees, her career path led her to the IT industry where she has many years of experience in IT training and curriculum development, certification program management, and consulting.

Margo Bedford

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Margo’s passion for helping people learn and achieve their goals has fueled her 20+ years of experience performing technical training and developing curricula. She is ITIL certified, holds an MA, ILTe from UC Denver, and is a CompTIA CTT+. Her industry experience includes IT Service Management, Data Science, and Data Streaming.

John Cannon

Certification Program Manager

An ICE Certified Credentialing Professional and PMP, John brings nearly a decade of experience designing, building, and maintaining certification and credentialing programs. With a BS in Education from Penn State University, he also has extensive experience as an instructor and training developer. John was formerly an aviator in the United States Army and recently retired from the Army National Guard at the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3.

Kevin Coyle

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Kevin has been involved in IT since Internet Flag Day, as a developer, system architect, network architect, and instructor. For the past twenty years he has been educating customers, colleagues, and graduate students in software development, networking, and security. As well as teaching and developing courses at CloudBees, Kevin teaches computer science at Harvard.

Juan Diego Pérez Jiménez

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

With a Computer Science Degree and a Master’s in Computer Animation and Image Synthesis Juan has more than 15 years of teaching experience in the Spanish public sector. During all those years he also was the CEO of a failed startup and the learning manager of one of the biggest eLearning platforms in Spain. Since 2018 and until joining CloudBees he has been very involved in the creation of online courses for several companies in Spain and for his fellow Computer Science teachers in Andalusia.

Gail Pearson

Manager, Technical Content Development

Gail Pearson has been a technical trainer, writer, editor and content developer in the software industry for 25+ years, with expertise in enterprise software and Agile methodologies. She has a background in education and enjoys communicating with a global audience.

Randal Root

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Randal is a senior educator and consultant specializing in IT solutions and technical education. He has worked in the industry since the 1980s, with experience in network, database, and application development. He teaches business intelligence, databases, and programming at the University of Washington, and is now enjoying his role developing curriculum and training for CloudBees University.

Ping-Yuan Wang

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Ping-Yuan develops CloudBees CI courses and delivers instructor-led training. She leverages her interdisciplinary experience in higher education, software localization, and the gaming industry to support the continuous learning of CloudBees users.

CloudBees Training and Certification FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to CloudBees self-paced and instructor-led training as well as CloudBees Certification

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