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Your analytics needs aren't all the same.

Some need DORA and developer metrics; others want to understand the end-to-end software delivery value stream. All need a single source of truth for real-time contextual software delivery insights.

Instantly Grasp Software Delivery Status End-to-End

Comprehensive Pipeline Visibility
Release Command Center
Workload Insights
Plugin Usage
Developer Metrics
Comprehensive Pipeline Visibility

Get a consolidated view of multiple dashboards and reporting functions to plan, schedule, audit, and track pipelines, releases, and deployments.

Automate Deployment Pipelines
Release Command Center

Get a bird’s-eye view of release statuses, milestone dates, dependencies, pending approvals, test results, progress, environments, and teams involved.

Bring Order & Scale Software Delivery
Workload Insights

See historical workload growth across demand cycles. Infrastructure teams can spot patterns, capacity issues, and unexpected spikes around system/controller health, enabling admins to take preemptive action and prevent unplanned downtime.

Monitor, Measure & Optimize
Plugin Usage

Track and monitor plugin usage across all your Jenkins freestyle and pipeline jobs, prioritize your most used plugins for upgrade activity, and review and audit all unused plugins.

Get a Holistic View of Plugin Usage
Developer Metrics

Get answers about code commit trends, investment areas by type, status, and more.

Discover Software Delivery Efficiency

Measure, Analyze, and Communicate How Software Delivery Impacts Performance

Optimize Proactively Image

Optimize Proactively

Track planned vs. actual progress per release, visualize delays and take corrective action, and break down manual vs. automated to identify wasted time.

Customize Dashboards and Reports

Use an extensible object model to create your own analytics dashboards and reports on key metrics for releases, deployments, features, builds, and more.
Customize dashboards and reports

Predict Release Performance

Identify the patterns hidden in your data to predict the success or failure of builds, tests, deployments, or overall releases.
Gurushyam Mony
“CloudBees has also given us actionable metrics and real-time visibility into our process. We can now see what's going on 'under the hood' and use this information to prevent and resolve issues.”
Gurushyam Mony

Former Director, DevOps and Quality Engineering

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